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Content strategy of corporates who used content effectively

Big companies have built their brands by dedicating their time, money and energy solely to communication. Communication is important when it comes to building your brand. You must keep in mind that it is not WHAT you say but HOW you say it that will shape your brand. There are two kinds of content marketing, one sells the brand and the other builds the brand. In both the categories, people have used prolific content. Thus, we can agree on the fact that content marketing through creative communication is a strategic asset to any company.

For instance, Starbucks is one such brand. Their marketing communication strategy is effective because of six reasons.

1. Importance to branding.
Starbucks makes sure the brand is highlighted in every possible way. When we or celebrities walk past a familiar brand, we have no trouble in recognizing the brand. And that’s the way with Starbucks – it has a distinct way of promoting the brand.

2. A vibrant and updated web page – the content hub.
This spot connects the audience to the brand. Whenever a user logs in to the Starbucks website, she/he can access the account and check rewards. As a regular coffee consumer, one can earn rewards and later redeem them. Starbucks uses videos to tell stories of all its satisfied consumers and that’s a great way of spreading the brand message.

3. The content is available across all channels.
Focused on education and information rather than promotion, Starbucks has a creative strategy of communicating to consumers. Customers who subscribe to Starbucks receive messages that are appropriately paced and visually oriented. Its followers on Facebook has shot up from 200,000 followers in 2008 to 27,600,000 in just three years, making it number 33 on the =All Facebook Stats Facebook Page Leader Board. 1

4. Customers get to experience coffee on their mobile phones.
All coffee lovers are given an opportunity to download the Starbucks app on their Smartphones. This enables easy access for those on the go. The need to carry a physical Starbucks loyalty card doesn’t arise as the app does the job.

5. Starbucks generates customer-friendly content.
In all their communications, Starbucks encourages readers to share their feedback and opinions on the company or the cup of coffee. A customer-friendly interface is the highpoint of Starbucks.

6. They keep their consumers engaged.
Starbucks voices out and lends a patient ear to opinions. Customers can comment or share their ideas and learn about the latest about coffee on social media. The brand has over two million followers and Starbucks interacts with them on a daily basis.2

Relevant content, which has been integrated across different channels, is the key to Starbucks’ successful marketing communication. Their dedication to building their brand by telling their story online has earned them a huge consumer base. Anyone can tell a story but not everyone knows how. Starbucks knows ‘HOW’.


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