Understanding Your Target Audience

The purpose of marketing communication is to connect with your consumers, both existing and potential; and support them in their purchase decisions. For this, it is important to provide them with the right information at the buying stage – assure them that they have made the best choice, educate them about new solutions, empower them to make their own decisions and make them aware of your products and services.
According to Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014), collected by Webbiquity, 87% of buyers agree that presence of genuine content has impacted their product preference or selection. So what is original and optimized content?

Content Marketing - Target Audience
Original and optimized content genuinely discusses or addresses customer issues, problems, and provides apt solution in the light of the subject under discussion instead of directly referring to the company’s product or services. This content should be easily found by the target audience, ‘when’ they need the info and also ‘where’ they are looking for it. For example, a house-proud person looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner goes online to compare selected products. The best way for her/him is to:

  • Visit a site that allows her/him to compare multi-brand specifications
  • Check product demos online

Your prospective customer is tech-savvy and likes to stay connected with the world all the time, and could search for info from a desk-top, a smartphone, or a laptop. On social media, your prospective customer may ask for opinions and look for product testimonials/reviews in forums such as mouthshut.com.

This brings us to the most crucial discussion of knowing your target audience well.

Why do they buy the things they do? How did they decide to buy the product that they are using?

Where do they like to shop and when? Do their friends shop at the same places or different places?

Answering these questions can resolve almost half of our effort in creating an effective marketing strategy. It can help us chalk out the following:

Effective Marketing Strategy

Once you have answers to these questions, strategizing your marketing communication is only a matter of putting things together logically and substantiating them with proper reasons. This is bound to click with the management.
It is therefore, imperative to know your audience. After all, they will be customers, who will spend time looking for the products of their need and choice. Hence, by supporting them in their search, you ensure that your products will be in their preferred list. If you want them to find out about your product, it’s only fair that you understand who they are and what they are looking for!

Content Target Audience