Top Five Insights from The Red Book of Content Marketing 2018 to Redefine your Business

Incorporating a strong Content Marketing strategy into their marketing process and plan has been helping businesses build audiences and increase revenue. But to remain at the top of their game, marketers need to constantly optimize their strategies to keep up with the changing digital marketing landscape.

The Red Book of Content Marketing 2018, powered by Yorke Communications, is the result of a pan-India survey of 160+ CEOs, CMOs, and other senior marketing professionals from a wide range of industries including IT/ITES, FMCG/CPG, BFSI, Media, Services and Telecom, offers exclusive insights into the contemporary Content Marketing terrain. Marketers planning a long-term Content Marketing strategy stand to gain an accurate view of the various factors dominating marketing content—from the most adopted approaches, tools and tactics to the Content Marketing goals being set by businesses.

Here are the top five insights from The Red Book of Content Marketing 2018 that will help you chart your future Content Marketing strategy.

1. Content Marketing is your best bet to increase conversion rates

Content Marketing continues to be the top marketing initiative when it comes to increasing conversion rates, with a 6X higher conversion rates as compared to other marketing methods. A significant 66% of the respondents—up from 52% last year—use Content Marketing primarily for customer acquisition. Lead Generation came a close second, with 61% of respondents ranking it as their primary reason for generating content within the organization.

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2. Increasing investments in Content Marketing is the right way forward


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Content Marketing continues to reign as a top marketing investment. An overwhelming 75% of marketers are committed to increasing their investments in Content Marketing. More than one-third of the survey respondents have planned to increase their budget by as much as 20% over the preceding year. This confirms that Content Marketing continues to be the top marketing trend, even ahead of powerful upcoming areas like Big Data, Arti-ficial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation and Mobile Marketing.

3. Choosing branded Content Marketing will give your organization the added edge

Nearly half of all survey respondents—40%—are outsourcing Content Marketing to external sources such as partners, vendors and agencies. Interesting to note, however, is that one in five attribute their improved results to the performance of their Content Marketing agency When asked to rate the most efficient content sources, respondents rated content agencies higher than in-house teams and freelancers on the parameters of ‘value of money’, ‘professionalism’ and ‘quality of content’.
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4. SEO integrated into your Content Marketing strategy will yield better results

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Online visibility depends on SEO being done right, and for a more effective Content Marketing strategy SEO and Content Marketing needs to be integrated as well. One out of two survey respondents—50%—are already ensuring their Content Marketing strategy reaps maximum benefit by integrating SEO efforts with a consistent, versatile and relevant content pipeline.

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5. Turn your focus on inbound (content) marketing to attract and retain customers

The global trend preferring inbound marketing over intrusive (traditional/outbound) advertising is causing Content Marketing to be viewed as an effective way to attract and retain customers. When quizzed whether organizations should shift their content strategy from building branded content to establishing themselves as a content brand 73% of respondents answered in the affirmative.

The key to building an effective Content Marketing strategy

While the findings of The Red Book of Content Marketing 2018 point to the increasing importance of Content Marketing, only half of the survey respondents confirmed that they have a well-documented Content Marketing strategy in place. To ensure that your Content Marketing efforts yield results it is vital to build your strategy on the foundations of an agile content delivery mechanism. Such a mechanism, by adopting a more structured approach, and by aligning teams with pre-set expectations will ensure that your Content Marketing strategy is a success.

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