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We’re ten today! The tenth of December. It’s been a challenging, exciting and long (and sometimes tense) journey from the day that Matilda and I converted one room in the house to an office to the present – with a full-fledged team of writers, designers, videographers and support infrastructure.The defining moment for us in 2015– Adfactors PR, India’s largest independent PR agency, took a majority stake in the business because they believed that content was an asset in the communication space. And that’s the same conviction that our 165 customers whom we’ve serviced have.

As an agency we’ve remained pretty understated, and there’s a reason for it. We believe in showing rather than just telling. Demonstrating the good work that we’ve done over the years rather than painting castles in the air. We’ve also silently built a full-fledged digital and social team, as well as a creative and development team.

Through the ten years, we’ve remained true to our word and belief. That content underscores everything that a client needs. I often tell my colleagues that I grew up in an era when there were only two brands of cars on Indian roads – the Ambassador and the Fiat. Today there are hundreds of cars and brands, but one thing has remained constant – the fuel. A car without fuel is like a program without content. It won’t go far. Vehicles for communication may change, frequency may change but the need for the message remains unchanged.

Finally, the best lesson I’ve learnt in the past decade has been to work with good people. People are good by nature, but they need the orientation and counselling to work in this business. It’s pretty rough terrain sometimes – the ecosystem can be harsh, customers unforgiving and competitors aggressive – as an agency senior, one has to be able to help the team constantly align with the vision and goal. A goal that is realistic and not a mirage in the desert. That can be tough sometimes.

Since you’ve read this piece, do connect – as a commentator, critic or advisor. I’d be happy to hear your views. Perhaps over a drink! All the best for the new year.

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