Riding the Wave of Technology Marketing: Aditya Basu

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Aditya Basu dives deep into the sea of Technology Marketing, asking the right questions to understand his varied client and create stories across different mediums.

What is the key to understanding your client? It’s asking the right questions. And that’s exactly what Aditya Basu, Project Manager, does for his client — an Indian multinational provider of information technology and networking technology solutions, based in Bangalore.

Aditya takes “understanding” one step further by diving into the sea of Technology Marketing, which is also his passion. He transforms unfamiliar nomenclature and jargon into snackable content, creating stories for his client’s stakeholders and their internal audience.
Riding the Wave of Technology Marketing Aditya Basu
The relationship with Aditya’s client started a little over a year ago with a scope of work that was not well-defined. Aditya began to get the lay of the land with smaller projects – writing blog posts and case studies. In no time, Aditya was wading into deeper waters, showcasing his ability to interact with multiple stakeholders and become their one-stop shop for all customer-facing communications. “It’s all about building trust,” explains Aditya. “My client has over 17 technology competencies and I get to create digital marketing assets for multiple campaigns aligned with their marketing calendar. This includes complete direction on the best approach for taking any new solution video as a go-to market strategy. We create animated product explainer videos, we give content and design for technology focused events and make impactful e-mail marketing campaigns while innovating all along with new Marketing strategies.”

Today, the client has expanded it’s scope of work, and Aditya prides himself on utilizing his love for technology to charter the course of engaging content marketing strategies. From writing Thought Leadership articles to creating a buzz with engaging and exciting social media campaigns and even creating interesting videos that are sure to make even the most mind-boggling technology easy and understandable, Aditya does it all, ensuring that his client’s services and products are marketed with strategy and intention.

“After nearly a year of working together, my client accepts me as part of the team. I even get the opportunity to apply my talents for Internal Communications projects!” says Aditya as he contributes across verticals for internal campaigns on Wellness or events like Independence Day.

Whether he is catering to his client’s needs, instilling trust in his stakeholders or even sitting down at the client’s location with his co-workers to share in a community ‘dabba’ buffet, Aditya is sailing the high seas, on the look out for the next Technology Marketing adventure.

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