Case Study

Brand visibility through strategic content and social media marketing

Yorke Communications helped CMS IT Services, one of India’s top IT Services firms, set up a robust marketing program. By charting out a comprehensive digital marketing strategy involving content and social media marketing, the client successfully established a strong brand presence in the social media and digital world.

Brand Visibility

Lead generation campaign and promotion for a global startup event

Yorke Communications ran a four-week program for the South Korean IT Promotion Agency, NIPA to attract Indian start-ups to its global K-Startup Challenge in Seoul. With the help of Adfactors PR, our parent organization, Yorke Communications launched a coordinated lead generation campaign – delivering over 280 applications from India – an achievement that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Lead Generation


India’s first exclusive Red Book of Content Marketing

Created in 2016, in collaboration with Paul Writer, The Red Book of Content Marketing takes a deep dive into the tactical manoeuvres of content marketing at a comprehensive level.

Here’s what you’ll gain from the Red Book of Content Marketing:

  • How to get started with content
  • Data and insights into content creation to meet goals
  • Tactics to better engage with audience
  • An in-depth overview of content curation
  • Adopt data-driven content marketing
  • Best practices of content marketing

If your content strategy is taking your business nowhere, the Red Book of Content Marketing is the perfect solution to get onto the right path!


Video marketing trends to watch out for in 2018

Video is taking digital marketing strategies by storm. From live video streaming to search embedded videos and user-generated video content, businesses are discovering multiple avenues to communicate with their audience. Here is a look at what type of videos are trending and why you should take note.