Newsletter – September 2013

The Pitch

Startups Need to Pursue Content Marketing

The foundation of a building determines the number of floors it can support. For startups, it is content marketing that will strengthen their brand equity, build trust and relationships and increase visibility. Moreover, content marketing is more cost-effective than traditional advertising.Read More


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Maverick entrepreneur, startup, SME with a dream to make the big leap. SMARTProfile is your first step to showcase your USP, to grow your customer base, to increase your market visibility and credibility.

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SunGard goes SO-LO-MO

Content and communication occupy a strategic position in the overall scheme of business of the GSCs of SunGard. They adopted the overarching principle of SO-LO-MO (Social-Local-Mobile), to guide their content and communication efforts. These three overarching triggers shape their content, as well as the communication channels they embrace to reach out to their audience.Read More


Content Talk

Bob Crawshaw Picture

He is the quintessential strategic communicator, with more than 23 years of experience in stakeholder and representational communication. He has managed over 40 campaigns for government agencies, businesses, and not-for-profits. Meet Bob Crawshaw, CEO and Founder of Maine Street Marketing, Canberra, Australia, who has had a unique beginning to his voyage into the world of content. Bob believes that soon content marketing will replace old style PR as a credible and reliable means of reaching out to the audience. “For at the heart of content marketing, lies the art of storytelling,” he explains. In fact, this veteran points out, in recent times Australia has been witnessing a gradual shift towards this trend.

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5 reasons why startups need to invest in content marketing

According to the 2013, B2B Content Marketing benchmark report, 91% of B2B marketers in North America use content marketing as part of their marketing mix. It will challenge startups to be heard in the midst of all the noise, but studies have shown that content marketing delivers far-reaching results. Startups, with their limited resources, need to carefully consider what they invest in.Read More

Social Media for B2B Businesses

Trending channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube allow marketers to promote brands and generate leads using tools like PPC, sponsored posts, traffic, likes and views. Tools, however, support or build on the base of any marketing campaign. An absolute must is clear, concise and relevant content for any social media campaign to succeed.Read More

Crisis Management

Why do so many marketers fail to control a crisis from escalating into a PR nightmare? Most often, it is because they decide that denial and dissociation is

the best way to emerge untarnished…Read More

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FOCUS on Internal Communications


An internal communication program has to be two-way to succeed. It will ensure that all members are up-to-date on key company information, increase morale and help to motivate employees.