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Who is your AUDIENCE?

Who is your AUDIENCE?

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Successful content marketing strategies

Once upon a time…
Story Telling

If B2B marketers are looking for more reason to take up the content marketing torch, they should look no further than The Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola didn’t just jump on the content marketing bandwagon for the heck of it. First, it defined a strategic corporate goal of doubling the size of its business. Then it studied its target audience, the marketplace, and the latest marketing trends, and identified an opportunity in the mix.

When all was said and done, Coca-Cola recognized that content marketing could help it grow business by provoking conversations about its brand in this new environment. The idea it came up with: Create stories that are so compelling, they take on a life of their own and fuel conversations and brand engagement. Read more.

Find the Heart of Your Brand Storytelling with These Six Questions

Stories make life interesting and give people a way to connect. People crave them, which creates a big opportunity forbrand storytelling.How would you bring out the essence of your brand storytelling? Read more.
Source: Content Marketing Institute
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Who are we selling to?

Can we pause and reflect on the audience before we start writing and designing brochures and collaterals? What does our target audience expect? Read more.

Win women over with effective communication

With growing purchase power, women are an important part of the audience and if your communication does not appeal to them, then you lose out on a massive revenue opportunity.
Read more.



Internal Communications Workshop

Saturday, July 20, 2013, Bangalore

If you want to learn more about how internal communications influences workplace engagement, we recommend attending this workshop by Aniisu K. Verghese. Read more.

Featured Services

Case Study Development

Case Study Development

A Case Study is a wonderful marketing tool that tells a winning story of your product or service. It can turn a prospect into a customer because it narrates how the product or service has helped a customer address challenges and increased customer satisfaction. Case studies do have many advantages that most businesses can capitalize upon. Read more.

Content Talk

Peter Yorke

Building a world of content

He is the quintessential communications professional, for whom ideas are sacrosanct. Peter Yorke, CEO and Co-founder of Yorke Communications, derives invaluable insights on content and communication from even the most mundane instances in life. He scoops ideas from every situation he encounters, every person he meets and every experience he gathers; seizes all opportunities, creates many more; and weaves them all together, to produce innovative ways of enabling businesses to reach out to their audiences.

Peter co-founded Yorke Communications in Bangalore along with his wife, Matilda Yorke, in 2008, with the express intent of bridging the yawning gap in content during those days. Yorke Communications designs and executes result-oriented content marketing programs for an impressive repertoire of top clients. Thanks to his intuitive and creative acumen, his vision to build a strong talent pool, and his mission to create value through ground-breaking content, Yorke Communications forges ahead on a consistent and confident growth path. Read More.