NATIVE ADS: The Double-Edged Sword Marketers Wield

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Quality content drives the success of a native ad. After all, no matter how spectacular that first handshake is, the conversation or content that follows is what seals the deal and convinces your client to sign on the dotted line. This level of intelligent content comes with experience backed by expertise.

Native advertising has grown popular in the recent past but has it made a significant impact for businesses? To put things in perspective, spending on native ads is poised to climb to $21 billion in the US alone this year and is expected to be the foundation of 74% of ad revenue by 2021. So how does it benefit your business and where does its double-edged nature reside?
Spending on native ads is poised to climb to $21 billion in the US alone this year and is expected to be the foundation of 74% of ad revenue by 2021 Click To Tweet

The Secret of the Native

Surreptitious by definition, native advertising lies in a grey area that advertisers are flocking to with legal hounds in pursuit to protect consumer rights. They have proven their worth when it comes to drawing attention but people dislike the deception associated with them.
What makes native advertising a truly lethal marketing element is its versatility. Click To Tweet It was found that 54% of people felt deceived by native advertising and 44% could not identify the sponsoring brand (Contently 2016). However, if the content on the other side of that shiny native ad is appealing and actually offers value to audiences, the deception is forgiven and even leads to conversions. The content—whether visual or text—is where you sway them in your favor.

Why Good Content does not come Cheap


Native Advertising— a Valuable Marketing Element

What makes native advertising a valuable marketing element is the versatility it lends to content. The native ad lends itself to many a metamorphosis. A particular sporting brand took advantage of this and told the world the story of an Olympian. This man woke up at the crack of dawn to train and managed every portion of his life to the impossible—7 gold medals. Within a page covering his story that comprised precisely curated text, stunning visuals and GIFS sat a simple GIF that encapsulated his climb to the top with the mission of a sporting brand and their logo. Blink and it was missed. But the impact of the page was felt and the logo was the final image you are left with.(see image below)
The native ad lends itself to many a metamorphosis. Click To Tweet

NATIVE ADS The Double-Edged Sword Marketers Wield

Another unique means to weave a native ad into a story was accomplished by ‘chat’ GIFs, a format where SMS chats relay a story in the form of a GIF with a subtle reference to a brand. A world renowned donut retailer carried this out on the popular holiday, Halloween. A group of teenagers found themselves cursed to be the true forms of their costumes and chased down the culprit a la Scooby Doo, to an outlet of the donut retailer (see image below). An engaging and colourful means to introduce the customer to the brand with the help of an interactive native ad.

NATIVE ADS The Double Edged Sword Marketers Wield

Wielded in the right hands, native advertising can be lethal in your organization’s favor. It will occupy a niche portion of any effective content marketing plan. And to fully excise the full potential of native advertising a certain level of expertise and finesse will need to be displayed. Which is why, it is best to get on the bandwagon and let the experts to implement native ads for your brand as soon as possible or your clients will leave you in the dust.

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