Marketing is not a Step but a Journey: Kartik Menon

Kartik runs account management for the digital side of the Yorke Communications business and talks about why he has a favorite client.

You’ve heard of ‘Teacher’s Pet’ but have you heard of ‘Account Manager’s pet’? Kartik Menon makes no bones about the fact that he has a favorite client, one that he’s singled out from the many he manages. And that client is an IT solutions player who operates primarily in the US market with an India delivery center located in the heart of India – Madhya Pradesh.

Marketing is not a Step but a Journey  Kartik MenonThe rationale for liking this client so much? It’s quite simple – they don’t go to Kartik just for mundane delivery but go beyond and treat him and the team as strategic partners.

If you trace the origins of the relationship with Yorke Communications, a couple of years ago; they started with small tactical projects – literally creating a couple of flyers for an event. “They loved the direction we provided,” explains Kartik. “Based on that, they came back to us for larger projects like a marketing plan and an overall roadmap for their foray into the US market.

Interestingly, they were going through a transformation in business at the same time. With an aim to derive a lion’s share of revenue from their business intelligence product, they were looking to be a solutions player in the industry and not just a services company. This trend of pure-play services companies moving to a platform or product business, presents several opportunities for niche marketing and branding.

The advice and direction that Yorke Communications provided in this case proved invaluable. The CEO and CTO of the company saw clarity of thought and vision, taking the quality of the relationship to the next level. “Nowadays, most clients come to us with a demand for leads through marketing,” notes Kartik. “But this client was different. They first looked inwards, testing their product offerings in the market through collaterals. Having tested the waters, they quickly expanded the program into a bigger engagement.

Marketing Journey: Kartik Menon

A critical marketing strategy was to create microsites for their offerings rather than incorporating the information in the main website, and hoping that the prospect would find what they were looking for. This worked very well for them as it segmented the audience very clearly. Another important step was to showcase potential outcomes from buying the product and solution rather than just taking an inside out view. And Yorke Communications managed to deliver this successfully.

What started out as a two-flyer project has today transformed into a retainer and a couple of projects using various form factors like graphics and video to make the messaging more attractive and engaging.

The key success factor, however, is the client involvement (not interference) at every stage of the project. Inputs are forthcoming and enthusiastic, While clarifications are answered quickly. Most importantly the sales team is closely aligned to Yorke Communications, drawing its ammunition from the marketing messages and leading to measurable outcomes. Little wonder then that Kartik and his team enjoy working with this client!

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