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You might have heard of ‘sympathy’ or ‘feeling for someone’, but ‘empathy’ goes way beyond that and might be considered ‘feeling with’ that person through imagination and understanding. Empathy seems to be a ‘lit’ word these days, with brands and influencers constantly asking, “How do we create content that resonates with our audience and evokes action that changes their individual behaviors and communities?”

But hold up. Marketing in the past focused on what sells and not what an audience ‘values’. So why is everything suddenly being turned upside down?

One word (could be). Millennials.

Born with a smart phone in one hand and ultra-fast internet in the other, millennials have come of age in the renaissance of technological change. And that’s given them a different set of experiences and expectations from their parents. You’re right, this is the generation of selfies, selfie sticks and overall self-obsession. And yet, this is also the generation who would rather rent and share assets, the generation who values access more than ownership. They’ve used technology to connect and create a “shared economy” giving rise to the success of couch surfing, Airbnb, Zoomcar, HelpX (where travellers can work in exchange for food and accommodation) and countless digital portals where you can meet people from around the globe to learn and grow.

Sounds idealistic, right? Au contraire, mon frère.

YouTube stats show that in the last year, 70% of millennial users watched a video to learn how to do something new, while 45% of users agreed that an influencer inspired them to make a personal change in their lives.

Not just that, millennials are becoming more ‘woke’, prioritizing their individual health and the health of the planet. Using social media, millennials are reaching out with movements that prevent self-harm and suicide, propagate self-love and kindness to others and advocate nutrition revolutions like veganism that have a positive impact on the planet too!

As one of the largest generations in history move into their prime spending years, marketers are realizing that ‘purpose’ and ‘meaningful experiences’ seem to strike a chord with millennials. Suddenly, storytelling wears a different cloak. It’s always been about a shared experience, and the best stories still whirl us away to different lands. But millennials aren’t going to ride the magic carpet unless they deeply empathize with the characters and are left with a feeling, instead of being told what to feel. Aladdin might sweetly sing, “I can show you the world…” but we’re not going to believe him unless he taps into our dreams, fears and purpose in an authentic way.

At Yorke Communications, we know how important it is to tap into our emotional intelligence to understand and create meaningful content that evokes empathy in our audience.

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