Give it a thousand days!

At the end of last week (February 6), Adfactors PR took a strategic stake in Yorke Communications. This is a milestone event in our long journey of six years when we began by embarking on unchartered waters. At that time, we were not sure what was in store for us. Content seemed such a small drop in a very large ocean. But fortune, I guess, favours the brave.  Today, we are proud to have serviced more than 95 customers.

So, what really brought us to where we are?

Right from the beginning we were very clear about where we were heading. Content would be at the centre of our business. And though, we went through a lot of clouds and fog, we never wavered in our journey. There were a few lucrative opportunities that came up along the way but we never swayed in favor of those to compromise on our original path.

Our journey has not been easy.  We’ve had situations where clients have been unreasonable, payments have been delayed and briefs have been unclear. There have been days when we asked ourselves why we were in this business. But there has always been light at the end of the tunnel and we’ve emerged into a new dawn, time and again.

Good people

This has always been a challenging one. Add to that is the domain that we work in. Graduates and postgraduates pass out of institutes that offer very generic courses in English to specialized ones in Mass Communication and Marketing but no one really focuses on Content Marketing. This really means that we need to orient and develop resources on the job. I must confess that when one is in entrepreneur mode and trying to bootstrap operations quickly, it does become quite difficult to conduct extensive training…but we’ve tried our best and while we’ve lost people, we’ve retained others. The constant factor in this business has been my better half who has held the COO post and made some very sound decisions that have helped us operationally.

Financial planning

The subject of financial planning is a tricky one for “creative” people. And we did go astray in the first couple of years of our existence. But then we were introduced to a Chartered Accountant who today produces a very comprehensive MIS that clearly indicates receivables, payables, profitability and the like. This helps us correct course as far as possible. We also have a qualification sheet based on which we agree to work with clients. This ensures that we remain as focused as possible from a financial point of view, though that said we have had instances of delayed payments that we have quickly tried to correct.

A thousand days…

When I was contemplating starting this business after more than 20 years in the Corporate Sector, my boss and mentor told me, “Give it a thousand days.” I’m proud to say Yorke Communications has survived that and more with confidence, courage, determination – and a good dose of humor.