The Afterthought

One of the biggest perils we live within the world of content marketing is the client rethinking a decision on an artefact. Many people often leave decision-making to the last minute, sometimes when they are uncomfortable making a choice, and that often results in rethinking. In the content world this can prove disastrous. You’ve constructed the script of a video or the text of a blog which has been approved and then you go back to the drawing board all over again. This makes it very difficult because the original thought is still in the mind! One way to overcome the client rethinking the project is to discuss it as thoroughly as possible before even writing. The other remedy is to develop as thorough a brief in writing after discussions with the client and getting a sign-off. At Yorke Communications for instance we have a template that needs to be filled in and signed off and those who don’t follow the process are often the ones who get caught in the rethink trap!

The Afterthought - Getting the Brief RightI’ve found that the chances of failure (and a contradictory afterthought) are mainly in projects which start out quickly and without planning. Therefore give sufficient time to discuss the approach and angle threadbare before starting out on writing the piece. It will produce results. Quickly.

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