fYi – your Content Treasure Chest


fYi – your Content Treasure Chest


There is so much information on content marketing, and this can be quite a clutter.  Therefore we felt that we could help you stay focussed with the launch of fYi, a monthly newsletter from Yorke Communications —click here to view the first issue

In addition to highlighting one aspect of content marketing, you will receive  additional reinforcements for brand building through content. Incidentally, the idea behind the name fYi is simple. While we’re all familiar with this abbreviation for ‘for your information’, the ‘Y’ also represents ‘Yorke’!

The PITCH focuses on the main consumer of all your content – THE AUDIENCE.   Blog posts on our website ask Who are we selling to? Also read up on how to Win women over with effective communication.

How can you recognize that you need content marketing to grow your business?  Successful content marketing strategies brings you tips in the case study onCoca-Cola.  “The company didn’t just jump on the content marketing bandwagon for the heck of it.  They decided to create stories that are so compelling, they take on a life of their own and fuel conversations and brand engagement.”   

So how would you bring out the essence of your brand? The Pitch helps youFind the Heart of Your Brand Storytelling with These Six Questions.  Post and tweet your Brand Story.  Add #whatsyourbrandstory to your post.

In Featured Services, we recommend the use of the reliable Case Study to narrate thesuccess  of your product or service.  And to learn more about how internal communications influences workplace engagement, attend Aniisu Verghese’s workshop on July 20.

The last word:  ContentTalk  profiles professionals who are building a world of content — and who better to kickstart this column than our founder and CEO Peter Yorke.

We hope you enjoy reading fYi, the Yorke Communications newsletter  and look forward to receiving it in your mailbox. You can click here to subscribe. We would love to hear your feedback at