Content Marketing for Start-ups 101

Whether you are driven by an aggressive growth strategy, or you are striving to make a slow and steady headway,  you definitely cannot ignore the power of content marketing to reach out to your target demographics. Apart from brand visibility and awareness among the target audience, what is really remarkable is a sustained ability to actively involve them in your growth story. Exactly what content can do for you!

Look around and you find that most business and personal interactions revolve around various types of content that bind like-minded people together. Therefore, along with the core business activities and traditional marketing and PR initiatives, you also need to invest in enterprise content.

A start-up requires a well etched-out strategy that brings together all elements of content marketing under one cohesive plan

Steer clear of uncertain and sporadic content efforts, which will bear no measurable results. To transform from a ‘merely lean’ entity into a ‘lean mean’ enterprise, you need to have a dedicated content marketing plan, which imbibes your overall business objectives and long-term goals.

  • First and foremost, look within: Study your enterprise and its values; and decide an appropriate style and voice which has to seep through all content you create for your brand.  Let this give you a solid direction to design actions, programs and tactics for each of the groups you wish to reach out to: customers, media, analysts, writers, peer group, retailers and suppliers, government and regulatory bodies, partners and other influencers.
  • Keep an eye on the goals you aspire to meet:This could be increasing sales by adding to the buying cycle of customers, generating excitement about your products and services, nurturing and engaging the audience, establishing thought leadership, building credibility, and seizing opportunities or efficiently avoiding potential risks. These long-term and short-term goals will enable you to define your broad content framework.
  • Develop a high benchmark for preparing and promoting content: Hit the strategic button and ditch all mundane, tactless moves. For instance, instead of merely having a product listing on your website, take the lead to publish in-depth solution developments and analytical stories that generate more value for the readers, and, thereby, leads. As a start-up on the look-out for a sustainable brand image, you cannot afford to create and distribute stale content or irrelevant noise. It is also important that you adapt your content to suit your regional and global audience, conduct extensive research on audience tastes and needs, and cultural nuances, and also use translation services to avoid the language barriers.

You must emphasize on having a thorough long-term plan mapped out neatly to company and industry milestones and events. This will enable you to deliver a consistent and regular stream of relevant   content. You must also be prepared to cash in on significant incidents or developments unfolding in your sector.

As for the much talked about ROI, you need to be patient to measure the exact benefits of content marketing. Content marketing is definitely not a quick win option for start-ups. It requires a minimum of six months to start seeing visible results. However, it is easier to track, monitor and measure every single content project in the initial nurturing stages of your business. Every effort has to be followed up diligently, and incremental improvements made to your content plan based on the overall findings.

Adopt a systematic approach, and you can soon become recognized for that ‘killer content effect’ most brands hope for!

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