How can B2B Brands Engage with Audience on Social Media?

This is what they say about B2B social media

It is not sexy or mind blowing.

It’s difficult to create a buzz around B2B companies and there are not many ardent B2B social followers either.

Managing B2B social media platforms is a plain boring task.

Unfortunately, not only business leaders, but many digital marketers also share similar sentiments when it comes to B2B social media marketing. But why? We think it’s more of a perception issue, while the reality is something very different. In this blog, we are going to dispel  several myths surrounding B2B social media, and demonstrate how B2B brands can get their social media right with some concrete examples. So, here we go:

Humanize the social media presence and messaging

The first, and perhaps, the most dominant myth that B2B social media is boring has only one antidote. Humanize  your social media presence and messaging. Avoid getting into the robot zone. Most of the B2B social media companies act and sound like robots. And we think that is a big mistake. Instead, they should make an intense effort to humanize their brand on social media messaging. If you are not sure how to do that, take a look at what  did:

Social media presence

It is worthwhile to notice to notice the playful yet engaging approach which capitalizes on a popular and then current event (T20, World Cup) to create buzz, increase engagement and drive home their message. How splendid!

Use social media to help others:

This one is our absolute favourites. Most B2B companies waste social footage to post more about themselves and focus less on the target audience. This should be  reversed. If you can offer something valuable that enables others to grow, then it’s going to serve you well in the long run. Try to connect a business with a prospect, help a client to get some leads, and reach out to an industry influencer for some expert tips. Use social media platforms as a club where people come to discuss business insights. Ensure you share some success stories. Keep the conversation going g and show others how they can be successful. Business Insider is a good example.

B2B social media

By incorporating inspiring stories, you can equip  people with skills and knowledge on how to succeed and build a thriving community on your social media platforms. Inspire, engage and repeat.

Establish yourself as a thought leader. But most importantly, show how you care:

Most digital marketers will try to make your audience download a White Paper. Or share a Case Study or survey report with them. And that’s absolutely fine. Nothing wrong with that. But at the same time there are also many better ways of doing that. For example: We really love the way how Intel does its  social media.  They don’t just post status updates. Rather, they try to create a brand identity by showing how passionate they are about what they do. It’s about creating a distinct voice which resonates with the  prospects. And expand the brand’s reach by giving their audience a due place in the narrative. They show they care for you.


Here Intel not only succeeds in marketing their 6th Gen Intel Core laptop but also manages to connect on a deeper level with tech-shy mother. Who won’t love stuff like that?

Forget the leads. Focus on engagement & presence:

B2B companies are over obsessive with leads. And that’s the primary reason why B2B companies are not popular on social media platforms. In fact, most of the B2B companies approach social media as a channel for lead conversion. This may not be the right thing to do. Leads don’t come first. Social conversation and engagement come first. Leads are just a byproduct. That’s why we are a big fan of American Express OPEN. Unlike others, they use social media platforms to build a forum where business owners can discuss  the challenges they face and the ways to overcome them. American Express OPEN core agenda here is to engage and foster community support.

Focus on engagement

As you can see in this post, American Express OPEN is trying to build community engagement through conversation. Now this is really forward stuff.

One can use a variety of questions, images, videos and links in your social media post. There are no hard and fast rules. Keep this in mind. Social media is about communication, not marketing. It’s about driving engagement, not pushing another sales pitch. The more social you are; the more your audience will  love to interact with you.

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