How to Build an Effective Blog Plan?

Deciding to blog takes a few minutes but the real effort goes into blogging on a regular basis, and that’s where the credibility of a blog lies. Once you’ve sorted the nitty-gritties of blogging, it’s vital to draw up a blogging strategy that will allow you to plan in advance.Unlike poetry, which is defined as a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions, blogging needs a blueprint. As a blogger, you must have a plan in place to be able to execute it accurately. In other words, a blog is a systematic approach to creating and disseminating content that a certain target audience can use to stay informed, educated or entertained.Here’s how having a blog plan that works.

Plan in Advance

Creating a content calendar months’ in advance is a blessing in disguise. A publishing schedule gives some direction to your thoughts and you know what to say when. For instance, the content calendars for Time and Vogue are up on their websites. When you become a part of this process, you’ll start enjoying it and love the traffic flow on your blog. Planning ahead helps to work out a theme that connects the content rather than focus on the immediate, independent blogs. A well-structured larger picture is a win-win situation for a blogger.

Consistent Content Schedule

Let’s admit it, we all love consistency. Google is no different. Blogging twice a week is the most effective schedule you can set for yourself. If you’ve got the time and want your blog to make the right kind of noise you can always add to that number but keep in mind not to carpet bomb your timeline with posts.

Keywords to Enhance Rankings and Increase Traffic

A keyword research before starting the blog helps. The goal behind this is to find the right keywords to optimize your post and thus, climb up the ranking charts.

You can always resort to using facts. Add real value to your post, find out what experts are saying, use quotes, and attribute it to your source. This helps to add value to your blog posts and your credibility as a writer as well.

Know What You Wish to Say

Being focused, even when you’re writing your blogs, pays well, not always monetarily. Instead of being all over the place, it helps to nail the point smartly and promptly. Being focused saves your time, and lets your reader figure out what to expect. Your credentials as a Subject Matter Expert depends on your educational qualifications, on-the-job experience and marketing. Maintaining a varied network and holding appropriate credentials adds to your SME status as well.

As you keep blogging, you’ll find permutations and combinations that can enhance your blogging.