Blog It Right

In the digital world that we live in, your company’s website is a crucial tool to market your business, services or products. Anyone who wants to learn more about your company will head to the website and form a perception about your organization, based on the look, feel and content.
Coming to website content, blogs form an integral part of it today. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a start-up or a restaurant next-door, you need to understand that blogs help to increase your visibility and digital presence and increase business.
However, it is not enough to just post a blog, and expect your business to boom. To create an impact that makes a sale, you need to regularly update the blog section with more blogs.

Many writers have taken to blogging as a passion or profession today with every possible subject being blogged on. However, only a handful of these blogs get the required attention from readers. Thus writing a blog is one thing, and writing an effective blog with the potential to generate business is another.

So what makes a blog successful? Here is the recipe to create that perfect blog for your company.

  • Introduce your organization: Blogging is a great tool to introduce your business to the world. Here, it is best to keep the tone conversational and emphasize on how your company is different from the rest in the same business.
  • Be an expert in your industry: A blog gives you opportunity to demonstrate your expertise to the world. Make your blog informative and educative so that the readers of your blog get confidence in your abilities. For example: a real estate firm can deliver blogs on the best buys in the city, a medical clinic can deliver blogs on how to tackle the seasonal flu. Also, provide various opinion pieces on the latest trends and development in the industry.
  • Interact with your readers: Blogging allows readers to post comments on your blog. The golden rule is not to ignore your readers. Take each feedback seriously as it can help you to improve your product and customer service.
  • Make your blogs visible: Keep updating your blogs frequently. Keep them fresh, relevant and crisp. Link your blogs to other relevant websites that provide authoritative information on similar businesses. This will secure your place at the top of the search engine list.

However, writing and maintaining blogs regularly is tough because your communications staff will be busy with their other responsibilities. So it’s best to hire a professional, provide her / him with a clear brief on your expectations that will enable him to increase the digital presence of your company through blogs and other communication.


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