The Attention Conundrum

What do you do when you need to get the attention of top brains in the technology business and have under 30 seconds to do it?

Recently, we had a client come to us with an interesting requirement – a quarterly technology and industry email newsletter targeted at the C-Suite, with information that needs to be consumed in less than 30 seconds! What’s more, the newsletter shouldn’t lead the reader to any external source.

We brainstormed…
1. A video newsletter
2. A short copy newsletter with embedded internal links
3. An infographic newsletter

The options were far and few, with email attention spans ranging from 8 seconds to 20 seconds. Finally, the idea that worked — a single page newsletter designed as an infographic to encapsulate all that’s happened in the quarter with interesting points of view and a read time of 16 seconds!

Short formats work only if the readers get a single view of all they need to read. Whether it’s video, an infographic or a set of blog posts, it is imperative to strike the right balance between the length of content and quality of content. At Yorke Communications, content is the bedrock of all that we do. We innovate to find creative and effective channels to make sure that your content is read, understood and shared.

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