AdWords New Design: What You Need to Know


The new buzz in the world of online advertising is again the ultimate online advertising service – Google AdWords.

So what is changing now? AdWords Design? Yes, the biggest change announced by Google is removing the Pay-Per-Click ads from the extreme right column of the SERP or Search Engine Ranking Page.

So now the question is how will this change the online ad economics and what will be the impact on advertisers. Let’s take a deeper look at how this will work.

What’s new?

  • No ads will be displayed on right side of the search results on the desktop.
  • Instead of three, four ads will be displayed above the organic listings on SERP.
  • Three ads will be displayed at the bottom of the 10 organic results on SERP.
  • Since the number of ads on SERP has been reduced from 11 to 7, it is a huge loss for advertisers with lower ranks.
  • Even the earlier experimentation with this new format for text ads has now ended, It can be seen in the extended headlines, with a longer description.

How are people in the world of online advertising community reacting?

Though this is a drastic change, it has not come as a shock.

Google has been testing this model since 2010 and finally, six years later decided to implement it in mid-February 2016.  Towards the end of  2015, many noticed the change with no ads on display on the sidebar.

People have felt that as the number of ads displayed is falling, the cost of advertising will increase. Yes, it is all a matter of demand and supply.  But this is just an assumption which is not true.

Another thing that is making a buzz is whether l advertisers will be willing to bid for ads placed at the bottom instead of the more prominent right sidebar ads.

Although, to be on SERP page 1 is matters for advertisers. We can find ads as per new guidelines below search results too –


Lower half of the SERP –


What’s new in ad format – Have you noticed the change?

The extended headlines are the new thing. They help you to stand out and highlight your product or services in a much more effective way. It gives you a better power of expression with 60 more characters added to existing 25 character headline.

Let’s now compare the old and new format ads:


It’s still difficult to conclude which ad format is performing well. We welcome your feedback.