Our 8th Anniversary is Today – Exciting Times Ahead

Over the last eight years, Yorke Communications has grown substantially, and transformed from content creators to strategic content marketers for B2B businesses across the globe.

Effective brand storytelling and creative communication

December 10 marks a momentous time for Yorke Communications. Way back in 2008, we started off as a small content agency, and we have taken great strides to become a name synonymous with B2B content marketing. The company is proudly called home by the team of highly trained, experienced and passionate content and digital marketing professionals with diverse expertise that allow us to deliver tailored end-to-end digital marketing solutions to a wide range of clients.

At the heart of it all, we are passionate storytellers. Over the years, we have helped businesses to narrate captivating stories of success to their innumerable audiences. We are the voice of our clients whose efforts are chapters of a grand narrative.

Creativity is an integral element of the Yorke Communications DNA. And this is what sets us apart. Our passion to narrate your brand’s story to multiple audiences, through different media, is always evident whether it is in the content that is created or the marketing campaigns that are devised.

Content creators to content marketers

Creating purposeful and customer-centric content has allowed us to transform from a content delivery agency to a truly well-rounded content strategy partner.

Till date, we have engaged with 131 enterprise clients from a wide range of industries and business domains including technology, manufacturing, retail and real estate. This has given us an opportunity to gain a unique and keen insight into their dreams, aspirations and business profiles.

Our clients have become our partners — we no longer just create content for them, but engage with them — committed and focused on enhancing their businesses and brand appeal.

From creating tailored business and industry specific content to developing outcome-focused marketing campaigns, our efforts have helped our clients stride ahead with reinforced purpose.

Our latest offering — web development solutions –builds for our customers comprehensive responsive websites that are the face of companies.  The main objective is to help our clients engage with potential customers and qualify them for clients’ sales team.

The Adfactors PR boost

In February 2015, Adfactors PR, India’s No 1. PR consultancy made a strategic investment in our business. This was more than a transactional investment for us.  It was an endorsement of and show of confidence in our work.  This has allowed us to expand our portfolio and offer PR solutions as well through the wide network that Adfactors PR has. The boost was instrumental in our first global engagement with NIPA – the South Korean IT promotion agency. The PR support from Adfactors PR, aided the successful execution of a four-week program to attract Indian start-ups to NIPA’s global Start-ups Challenge to be held in Seoul at the end of 2016.

The association has reinforced our brand value among clients, partners and competition.

Road ahead – building a diverse content ecosystem for enhanced marketing results         

We believe that content creation is a collaborative effort and works best with an ecosystem of minds. Content planners, content writers, the design assets, and not the least consumers form an integral part of this ecosystem.

We engage with over 75 freelancers (a number which is increasing by the day), specializing in a wide range of domains and delivering a great variety of content and marketing collaterals. This prolific and diverse freelancer ecosystem has helped us deliver tailored content marketing solutions to our client partners.

As we stride ahead, we are committed to creating a truly robust content marketing ecosystem – allowing for greater diversification in our clientele and content delivery.

Yorke Communications has had an exciting and productive run of telling brand stories in the last eight years, made all the more fulfilling by the many words of appreciation and satisfaction from our clients. The future is looking bright as we strive ahead with passion, gusto and creativity.

Here is to decades more of creating stories and building happy relationships.

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