5 Tips for Successful Event Marketing


Gone are the days when one could depend on the conventional, tried and tested routes to market an event, and still see satisfactory results. The audiences of the new-age are starved for fresh ideas and are on the lookout for compelling content that is also powerful enough to please both heart and mind. To stay abreast the increasingly tactful competition, one has to get the right message across to the right target audience, at the right time and yes, through the right medium. Yes, we read your mind. too many ‘rights’ to keep up with! However, a few rules of thumb that you should keep in mind can amplify your marketing ideologies and help you stand out beyond the mundane.

    1. Safe is boring. Stand-out to make your mark: Be bold and get noticed is the go-to trend of today. Want to maximize the push factor of your content? Move over from the blasé technique of using verbose documents and posts and explore the array of interactive communication tools. Make a viral video, create an anthem, throw a contest or two in, have a virtual Q & A hour, create a webinar or podcast. the options are endless! Keep your channels of communication open so that the audience feel involved and valued for their opinions. Make your event interactive and accessible to be in the spotlight.


    1. Leverage social media and ride the wave of current affairs: One cannot underestimate the potency of social and digital media in today’s 24/7 world. This, coupled with the power of current affairs can be a powerful vehicle to grab the attention of your audience, and win them over. However, be wary of the opinions that one chooses to express. While the right communication can make you the hero, the smallest gap for misinterpretation may put you into a controversy.


    1. Command a call-to-action: Most often, a common mistake that event marketers make is to oversee the call-to-action determinant that is the final punch in sealing a deal. All the communication collateral and the best of circumstances cannot be taken advantage of if you do not devise a clear, evident and compelling call-to-action button. Analyze your traffic and strategically place your call-to-action button on the relevant medium to ensure that the interest generated is converted into real marketing outcomes.


    1. Flaunt your credibility and network: Show off your accolades, display those numbers and flaunt your testimonials. A demonstration of your credibility means that people have placed their trust in you and have come back for more thanks to a job well done. Words of appreciation from steadfast clients, a gallery of images and videos that recreate the success of your past events and excerpts from recognized partners and associates are all great incentives for the audience. Once you have earned the trust of your target audience, that is half the battle won!


  1. Keep the buzz active with post-event promotions: Once the daunting task of marketing a good event and executing it with flair has been achieved, what next? Keep the momentum going by continuing the involvement of your associates and making them feel appreciated as part of your circle. Send them a thank you note, request their feedback and keep them on your priority list for access to offers, exclusive events and occasional gifts of gratitude.

Execution and marketing go hand-in-hand in molding the overall success of your event. These tips can help you build the foundation. Ensure that you do thorough homework before you kick-start your event marketing campaign. Be fully aware of the demographics of your TG, the trending current affairs and vehicles of communication and of course, align the campaign to suit the success parameters charted out for your event. And you will be well on your way to being an event marketing guru!